Polar Vortex

Group Shoot
Bryant Electric City

Bryant Rahm

He fronts the band as the lead singer and guitarist. Bryant is a very talented musician and the heart and soul of the band. Want to meet him? Come to a show!

Gabe Send Off

Gabe August

His passion for music is obvious when he's wailing on his guitar and adding in incredible harmonies. Come out to a show to meet him!

Jeremy Send Off

Jeremy Delain

He sings, sometimes raps, and plays a wicked bass guitar. He has a great sense of humor and likes to dance with the crowd while he plays! Come to a show and see what he can do.

Mitch Roundup

Mitch Lohrenz

He's the one keeping the beat in the band. Music is his passion. He has a great heart, and loves to play for everyone. Meet him at our next show!

Brad Damn Yankees

Brad Hansel

He plays piano and has some outstanding vocals and harmonies. He also does the amazing light shows while performing! Come see this guy at our next show.